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i logged in here after months because i wanted to find something on my likes and i’m on page 10 and it’s all text posts from people i used to be friends with or just people i used to talk to and i realized how shitty i was for just disappearing one day and not giving any of you my other blog or twitter or anything at all really, and i don’t even know how many of you still follow me since i’ve been inactive for so long and i’m afraid to even check and i don’t know this is a really dumb post but i miss you a lot i just don’t feel like using this blog anymore even though i reblog a lot of zayn and harry on my personal lmao but ugh i don’t know i feel terrible i’m sorry for being a shit!!!!! 

2013: A Year Filled with Zarry, Pain, and Tears


To celebrate the end of the year I thought I’d just make a quick post about 2013!Zarry. It turned into a masterpost? Sort of. 2013 was a busy year for Zarry.


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Zayn Malik and Harry Styles Take Me Home Tour Meet and Greets


okay LISTEN TO ME. sometimes louis does this THING where he touches/holds eleanor protectively/possessively and it makes me want to SET MYSELF ON FIRE.


shall we take a look??????????

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